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Center for Electronic Systems Research Education & Incubation (CESREI) is pioneer in Academic Consulting, Talent Development & Acquisition. It is run by seasoned academicians & entrepreneurs. It helps students & professional develop skills, conducts research and incubate with a motto of Enabling entrepreneurship. It partners with academic institutes to enable transformation to prepare them to become future proof. We guide students in choosing a suitable university in Canada aligning with their strengths.

Why Canada

Why Choose Us


Transparency is at the core of our business. We are always transparent with our customers. We keep our customers informed about the progress made at every stage of the process. When we engage with our customers, we inform them in advance the process they will undergo, what we will deliver, what is expected from them and last but not the least, the charges and fee if any either to us or to college or any other entity. We proactively communicate to them so that they can prepare themselves for the next steps and are better equipped to perform the tasks. It has helped us win the confidence of the customers. Therefore, they now refer other potential clients to us.

Customized Services

“One solution does not fit all.” We strongly believe in this adage. Every customer's needs are different. Thus looking for a solution that meets their requirements. Therefore, we propose solutions to students after thoroughly understanding their needs, requirements and situation. We evaluate the strengths that a student has and recommend a program that compliments their strengths. Therefore, for each student, a unique path emerges for studying in Canada.


Expertise and Focus

Our team has extensive experience of academics, working in academic environment, setting up and running Edtech businesses. With such vast experience, the core team has developed a deeper understanding of how the academic institutes work and how student interests can be aligned with that of academic institutes. Our team remains focused on enabling potential students till their admissions are finalized. We understood that we are best suited to take up cases pertaining to pursuing studies in Canada.

Partnered Representatives

We work with the institutes which have partnered us to recruit students for them.


Professional Guidance

We have well defined processes that guide potential students at each stage. As students go through the structured approach, they are always made aware of what is expected from them at each step and what will be the outcomes along with the risks involved in it. Therefore, we work towards earning trust from the students.

Work primarily with colleges that offer PGWP

Students who go to Canada to pursue their studies have one common objective of gaining work experience after the completion of their programs. Therefore, we align our working with this requirement. Therefore, we primarily work with the institutes that offer Post Graduate Work Permit from the time you enrol for the program and after its completion.


Enhance chances of admission

As we are an authorized representatives of the colleges for which we recruit students, we undergo extensive training with them to understand their process, criteria. With our past experiences, we have mastered this craft of understanding what institutes will look for and we are in a better position to guide and mentor students. Therefore, we guide the students at each step what they should be doing so that their chances of admission increases.

Our Amazing Team

Sujata Patel Torres

International Student Advisor

Nipun Agarwal

Alliances & Student Services

Neeraj Goel

Strategy & Biz Development

What Customers Say

We care what our customers think of us and so should you. We are partners in your success.
CESREI team provided personal attention and invested sufficient time to understand my requirements. They recommended right programs and University that align with my needs. I am happy that I could get their guidance and made a right decision to build my career.
Gaurang Gondaliya
Studied at Concordia university
CESREI helped me enroll into Algoma University and guided me through to have an easy transition from the Indian education system to Canadian one. I will recommend their service.
Ishan Garg
Studied at Algoma University
CERSEI team helped me get admission to Canadian College and guided me through the entire process. It was very easy to work with their team. I will highly recommend their service to all future students.
Jatinder Pal Singh
Studied at Cambridge College
Working with CESREI to get admission in a Canadian College was a smooth process. They helped me identify and apply for the right course in the right college. I would recommend CESREI consulting services.
Amitinder Singh
Studied at Cambridge College

How CESREI Makes it Work for You

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  • 35 Trailwood Dr Apt-2217, Mississauga, ON L4Z 3L6, CA

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